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If I can ever recommend one thing to you, it is this:


I have several done years of RPing, and this has taken me to countless different forums and, if you are at all familiar with RP forums, let me tell you, they were the lowest of the low some six or seven years ago.

In one of these forums, a legendary tale happened, a tale that, if I can ever recommend one thing to you, it is this:

The Ballad of Edgardo.

A story that happened to an anonymous RPer years ago.

Anyone will be able to appreciate it (and trust me, you will), but if you are kinsmen or kinswomen to me, if you ever had to experience the shittiest of RP forums and their terrible userbases, particularly that one guy that does whatever he wants and is an asshole that clearly godmods but gets away with it because the actual mods don’t give a damn, you will find the beauty behind the ballad that much brighter.

Just trust me on this one. It’s not a particularly long read, either.

I hope you enjoy The Ballad of Edgardo


I just remembered that last night as I was falling asleep I randomly saw the clearest image of a bear at the exact same time as I remembered a few important things I have to do, and I thought “ah, you must be the responsibility bear, come back when I’m not tired” and the image faded.


i consider 80% of my mutuals my friends even though we have never talked just to let u guys know

five good things today:

  1. i got to go into the bat house at the zoo
  2. i caught a lizard (im really bad at catching lizards and usually end up asking my brother to catch it for me)
  3. my friend is trying to give me a baby turtle and she brought it over and it was the smallest, cutest thing ever!
  4. i’m looking into alternative, bigger housing options for my turtle (especially if i’m taking the baby turtle) other than aquariums. i think i’ve found something good, but i don’t really have room (or money), so it’s gonna have to wait (i have to wait until the baby grows a bit anyway before i try putting the two together)
  5. i gave my beardie a bath